Furniture Restoration

Restore an old bench with new paint or stain.

furniture restoration in Evansville, WY

Furniture Upholstery

Add new fabric to your favorite old chair.

Furniture upholstery services in Wyoming

Custom Furniture

Design your own custom storage solution.

Custom furniture solutions

Play Tent

Beauty and function with a rustic Wyoming touch.

play tents in Wyoming

Make Your Old Furniture Pretty Again

Call us for furniture reupholstery in Evansville, WY and surrounding areas

Made Pretty Again offers professional furniture restoration services in the Casper and Evansville, WY areas. We have years of experience transforming old fabric furniture into gorgeous-looking new pieces. Call us for couch or armchair reupholstery services, too. We can find a fabric that's similar to your original upholstery or help you choose an entirely new look.

Get started on your furniture reupholstery project in the Evansville, WY area today by calling 307-315-8335 today.

furniture restoration in Evansville, WY

3 ways to give old furniture new life

Are you struggling to decide what to do with your old furniture? Made Pretty Again can help you turn a hand-me-down bench, chair, or cart into a showpiece. Here are three ways to repurpose your old furniture:


Add a new cushion and fabric to an old favorite chair.


Sand and paint a vintage dresser to create an attractive storage piece for any room


Refurbish a wooden bench with new stain and a brightly patterned seat cushion.

Put sentimental furniture pieces to good use with help from Made Pretty Again. We'll help you transform those older pieces into furniture you want to show off.

Call 307-315-8335 today to book antique furniture restoration services in Evansville, Casper, and surrounding areas.

Do you love antiques?

Made Pretty Again specializes in antique restoration. We can restore and enhance the original charm of vintage chairs, tables, benches, and stools. We'll sit down with you to discuss engraving and painting details that we can make prominent once again.

If you want to revitalize a treasured antique, call Made Pretty Again at 307-315-8335 today to make an appointment.

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